Meet us


Fresh in the market, Ingie. G is a collection of seasonal social stationery designed to keep us creatively organised.

After following a profession in urban design & later investment banking overseas, South African born, Ingrid found there wasn't sufficient time in the day to get creative. So she decided to follow her path of creativity through stationery, a medium which allows us to plan our goals, express/sketch our creativity and show gratitude to others.

What inspires her? Ingrid is inspired by her own experiences, the places she visits and the interactions she has with people. She is inspired by her own country which to her represents the interaction of nature, culture, dialogue and freedom. She carries a sketch pad with her wherever she goes to capture everyday life occurances and how human emotion, environment, people and everyday life intertwine which she expresses through her ranges.

Her message is ... if you are the person who thinks they are too busy to be creative, you are probably the person that needs it most. Create what you see, what you feel or create what you have never seen. Art nurtures your brain and improves life in every aspect.

She brings to you a collection of beautiful journals and notebooks; tasteful planners and organizers; fun greeting cards; stylish letter writing stationery; irresistable desk accessories and lots more through which you can express your own creativity and follow your own dream.

Go off-line and plan your day the creative way.

Share your inspiration with Ingie.G Stationery.